DIA+LOGS centre regular HR Programme and Services
  •  HIV tests and counselling (every w/d)
  •  Needle exchange (every w/d)
  •  Outreach work (every w/d)
  •  Consultations of social workers (3 times a week)
  •  Consultations of psychologist (once a week)
  •  Regular mobile HIV prevention unit’s work (outreach, every w/d – social workers, nurse)

DIA+LOGS centre regular activities for our clients

  • ‘Open doors’ with lunches as a part of health nutrition programm (every Thurstday)
  • Individual counselling- "Life with HIV"
  • Support for job seekers (from community)
  • Meetings of support group
  • Internet access and help for job seeking
  • Social support (food packages, clothes etc.) 
  • Vitamins and anti-flu vaccines
  • Contributions for clients health services
  • VCT in whole Latvia
  • Common parties, events, hiking 
  • Educational lectures, seminars, courses and trainings
  • Probation program

DIA+LOGS centre other activities

  • Campaigning and advocacy work
  • Trainings, lectures, seminars for other NGO's, clients of rehab, day, crisis centers, schelters and prisoners
  • Training programms for specialists
  • Involvment in development cooperation work
  • Student practices
  • Cooperation in NGO networks (LV, Europe) 
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financial support by AKSEPT, FHI, USAID